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is a resource for all things related to the medical industry and health care plans, including current events on reform. The site is written by average citizens for average citizens. The government's regulations and the health industry's complex systems are often very difficult to understand and navigate. The goal of NHCP is to help with understanding the new healthcare law and provide access to government resources, HealthCare Reform, posting current events for review, HealthCare Articles, and providing information about available insurance plans and types, Health Care Plan.

Health Care Plan

Health Care Plan

A health care plan, or benefit plan, is an insurance policy that helps pay for medical care services that treat or prevent a patient for a medical condition or illness. It might pay all for all of the services, but most likely only a large portion. Other than monthly premiums, the patient will also have other payment obligations when they see a doctor or visit a medical facility.


HealthCare Reform

The new Obamacare law was signed in 2010 impacted Americans on March 31, 2014. This law entitled, “The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” (PPACA), also called Affordable Care Act and ObamaCare, involves many laws, amends codes and titles that affect taxes and alter state regulated programs, such as Medicaid, CHIP and Medicare.

HealthCare Articles

HealthCare Articles

As related issues arise, we write articles related to the industry with news as it conforms, or reacts, and general information as we best see fit. Our goal is to keep you informed of the HealthCare topics in the hopes of helping you make informed choices for health insurance plans and educated decisions on health care services.